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7 Useful Tips to Master Sign Language Alphabet with Ease


Sign Language Alphabet Tips For Complete Beginners


Sign language is not about signing, it is about transmission of meaning via non-verbal communication, via moves of your hands, body and face to convey a message in a simple manner to the receiver of the message.


Learning sign language alphabet is not easy but you may enhance your study experience via simple tips mentioned in this article.


At first, it may seem daunting to use non-verbal signs but with time this should get better and easier. It may be embarrassing to communicate with others but it will improve, It is important to get rid of barriers preventing you from using sign language!


Callan method makes use of non-verbal communication e.g. you can demonstrate with hands eating motion instead of saying ´´ I am eating´´. This way students can learn by observing instead of listening!


Or you could show them sleeping, crying, list goes on.

Sign language is exactly about it, about transmitting information beyond the ordinary communication with our vocal chords.



  • Via volunteering in school for deaf you can fully immerse yourself in the language, which is truly important when studying ASL.

  • You can become familiar with sign language via interaction with deaf people.

  • Your receptive and expressive skills will improve as a result!


  1. Attend Facebook Meetings at Local Places

You can find those by typing deaf people meetings. You can find lots of groups discussing ASL as well as on-site meetings where you can practice sign language basics.


You could talk about the sign language alphabet with your peers during group meetings. Getting advice from people with experience may be useful to you.


  1. Take up American Sign Language Course 

  • You could find lots of ASL courses online. Rosetta Stone offers ASL classes Online. Check their website for more details on this course.


  1. Find deaf friends on Internet

  • You could find deaf friends on social media easily and practice ASL on a daily basis.


  1. Attend Interpreters´ Conferences

By attending the conference you can get advice from experts in the field. What an amazing experience for you!


  1. Drill Sign Language Alphabet Slowly and Steadily