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How to get better at English Speaking Today?


Why is your English Speaking Still Not Advanced Enough?

Lots of factors influence our ability to learn foreign languages e.g. age, engagement, length of our studies, and so on. When we start learning languages, we do not realize that learning is a long, difficult process.

We think It is enough to study few minutes a day and reach fluency in one year. No. This is not going to happen.

If you want to speak fluently, you have to work hard every day e.g. developing all your skills in English (writing, reading, listening, and speaking).

Speaking is the essential element of studying foreign languages because it is an active agent in learning. Without active involvement, you may struggle.


  • You do not work hard enough- study a lot, study one hour every day at least


  • you read books and miss the authentic language. When you read books, you may develop your critical thinking but not your English speaking at all. If you want to speak it, you have to speak it! Simple isn´t it? Find native teachers to talk to.


  • you spend too much time with grammar lessons. Believe it or not. Grammar is your waste of time. I would not like to make some people angry, especially linguists or some other scholars. But if you need the language for speaking, focus on speaking more.


  • Warning: it does not mean you should put the grammar lessons aside. Not at all. You need a basic understanding of rules to study language effectively. When you do not understand where is the noun or verb in the sentence you can barely understand its meaning. The main advantage is when your language belongs to the Indoeuropean family.


  • you learn words but not sentences. Learn via translation! It helped me a lot!

Developing your English speaking skills takes time and effort, do not neglect speaking it every day and translating authentic texts!