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How to use Reported Speech Correctly?


20 Examples of Reported Speech with Sample Sentences!

Definition of Reported Speech: Reported speech is divided into Direct and Indirect Speech.

We use it when we want to express someone´s opinion indirectly!

The following sentences are examples of Indirect Speech


In the Present Tense:

Claire says that She works in the office.

She thinks that It is a good idea.

He says that He should help us.

I feel that this will be a problem.

She feels that They do not like her at all.


In the Past Tense:

Tom said that He didn´t work for James.

Julia said that  She didn´t steal the car.

He explained that He could not attend the meeting.

She explained that She didn´t cry that night.

They claimed that the thief was a  man but in fact, It was a young woman.


Beware of these rules when using reported speech in your written or spoken communication!