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List of Idiomatic Expressions in English


Useful Idiomatic Expressions For You to Learn



Once in the blue moon I see him once in the blue moon. (Something happens rarely)


Argue the toss He will always argue the toss, not matter what you do. (A person who always disputes different view of situation)


As long as your arm Very long 


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Cover your ass I will cover your ass (I will protect you)


When you don´t know the answer to the question you can say ´´Ask me another´´


A bad quarter of an hour Unpleasant experience, maybe something stressful you have to go through * Deal with or experience.


Take a back seat to receive less important role or position ´´He will take a back seat as usually´´

Idiomatic expressions don´t carry the literal meaning. Their meaning is more ambiguous.

The use of them is not restricted, They even appear in academic papers now. In spite of the fact that idioms are perceived as inappropriate, there is a tendency towards the implementation of them into the scientific discourse.


Once in the blue moon - Something happens very rarely

e.g. She sees him once in the blue moon.

Bookworm - Sally is a bookworm, She loves reading so much

Feel a bit under the weather- I feel sick

Blood, sweat and tears- Her first day at work was blood, sweat and tears

Breadwinner- Someone who earns money in the family

Easy as ABC - Something was so easy to accomplish or obtain

The puzzle was easy as ABC

Piece of cake It was a piece of cake. (something was too easy to do)


People seldomly use them in common talk with friends but you will discover them quite frequently in English texts Writers try to enhance their texts with these expressions. Should you study them? Well, using idioms in talk or writing may cause confusion if they´re not familiar with them.




Avoid using them as you may speak with someone from Great Britain who's never heard it before. The use of idiomatic expressions in your writing may be a sign of the writer's good skills. The pros and Cons of their usage are abundant but the ball's in your court after all.