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List of Online Language Courses



Choosing the best course for you, does not have to be the rocket science. Please see my list of courses below.


60 minutes lesson = 8-15 euros, price depends on tutors. You pay per lesson, They do not offer subscription plans.

Sign up is quite simple and takes less than 2 minutes of your time

You can study English,  Spanish, French and many other languages Online from the comfort of your home.





Price starts from 8 euros per group lessons but you can have private lessons as well.

7 DAYS FREE TRIAL is good opportunity to find out if you are satisfied with their course. Once the trial is over you will be automatically  charged based on their pricing plan. For more information please visit their website. You can study Spanish, French and English and some other languages as well.





Offers 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL as well. Native English teachers are available 24/7 which I see as the main advantage.  

They offer prepaid plans for 6 months with 2 months for free as bonus but you can also choose one month plan.


 When you subscribe to 6 months plan, you get 2 months of English lessons for free. You have a 7-day Money back guarantee.

One month= 59,99 dollars = 4 hours of 1- on- 1 lessons per month ( if you subscribe for 6 months).

One month subcription is slighly higher  79,99 dollars per month (4 lessons a month).


Language Schools Online offer you flexibility and cost-effectiveness as you can save money. The main advantage of studying Online is the flexibility, you can study anytime and from anywhere you want!