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Short Stories for Beginners (easy reading)



Online English Reading Free Resources For Learners

I created this website to help people who study English. I write short stories that are easy to read for beginners in English. If you search for English Reading free materials over the internet then you´ve come to the right place.

Summer was over, so were my holidays. I wasn´t really happy about it as I enjoyed it with every breath. Sunbathing was my favourite activity during the summer season as I could finally get tanned and not look like a zombie. 

The worst thing that could possibly happen to me was sunburn! I said to myself. I didn´t realize, I was talking to myself, out loud in the store full of people. One man gave me that kind of stare, the stare only crazy lunatics like me receive a lot.

Therefore, I decided to leave the store immediately, turning behind me to check if anyone is looking at me. No one was looking, everyone was careless.

Lots of people, they are just careless, uninvolved, it seems. No one cares if you are in pain, no one cares if you are lunatic, no one cares if you talk out loud to yourself in the store.