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Easy Tips to Learn German Language Online On your Own


How to learn German Language Online With Ease?


The German language is beautiful but how can you study it effectively? Well, I´ve compiled this guide to help you in your journey towards fluency in German. I know how difficult It is to learn from scratch without help.

Learning was never an easy process but there are certain steps you may take that can ease the whole process.

German and English have more in common than  you might think so here are some tips and practical advice to help you learn the German language more effectively using these tips:

Create German Language Learning Plan

When you study German or any foreign language, you always need a study plan. How often? What methods will you use? This all will determine the result of your learning process.

Learning takes time. You have to study a lot. When I was learning German, I had to read, write and speak it every day.

Initially, I was reading a lot. I think, if I could change something about it. I would not read extensively but focus more on producing grammatically incoherent speech (incomprehensible talk bla bla bla). But the important thing is trying in spite of failure. 

When we fail, we learn something new whether in your life or in language. The same principle applies to everything. We learn from our mistakes.

Though, there are experts disputing the claim. They think errors shall be tackled right from the start or they may negatively influence the language learning.

Determine the Study Lenght

How often will you study? Once a week? Twice a week? Four Times a week? You should ask yourself this question!  How many hours each day? The more often you study, the better for you. If you want to learn language of Germany, you have to study a lot.

I´m well aware of the fact that not everyone has time for studying but you need to devote at least  1 hour a day to your studies to succeed. Why? Because nothing is easy. Study diligently every day.

If you think you can speak German magically in one year without any efforts, you´re all wrong!

Things I Did Wrong And You Should Avoid Them!

I thought, reading is more important than anything else. I was reading newspaper, difficult books but I could not understand it clearly. If you want to learn German language you cannot rely on reading solely.

 Books contained words, I will barely use in every day talk with my friends or coworkers. How can you learn from my mistakes?

Well, many theories about language learning were created. I am not saying that reading is all wrong. No. You should read books. But please do not focus all your energy on reading. Find native language speaker who will help you achieve fluency faster.

At that time, I had no money. I couldn´t afford to pay a tutor. It was expensive and still is. I was reading a lot and I was better German speaker than my classmates. However, If I had trained my speaking skills with native speakers online, I would have been more advanced earlier.

Learn Basic German Words



Speak the language in your mind or just out loud if you don´t mind talking to yourself. You can write in German, maybe incorrect sentences  but It doesn´t matter. You may again ask me why? Why? Isn´t that bad attitude? Maybe, I should study grammar more. NO. You´re all wrong.

Initially, when you cannot say a word. You need grammar and you have to expand your vocabulary. Do it. But do it via direct translation. Via direct translation you can learn words in their context (you see whole sentences not only individual words).

Remember one thing: You will be speaking sentences not words individually. For that reason, learning whole sentences is of high importance. Translating sentences is not easy at all. I know it myself. I will cover some tips on how to translate in foreign language later on in my next article.

When you want to learn German language you have to be patient and consistent all the time. Do not give up after failure but continue!