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My Tip How to Learn Italian Online When You Run Out of Ideas

6 Tips to Learn Italian Online Effectively

  •  Find Authentic Materials For Students


  • materials, reading texts tailored to your learning needs is what you should look for. Without authentic texts, you cannot learn the conversational language effectively. No need to read complex novels, romance books if your goal is to master spoken communication.
  • Where can you find authentic sources? Well, a podcast is one example of it. On podcasts, people discuss everyday problems, life-stories. This is definitively something you should aim for when learning on your own.
  • if you want to learn Italian online, you should read my tips on how to start doing it effectively


  • Practice with Mobile Apps


  • the use of mobil apps for learning is becoming an amiable way of enriching your vocabulary in Italian. There is thousands of apps you can choose from and start your studies in your car or when traveling by a bus or by train.
  • Whether you commute to work or to school it is 100% flexible way of learning new things.


  • Find Native Speakers to Talk to


  • Nowadays in the age of globalization, almost anything is possible. Thousands of tutors available online. When I studied English or French. I preferred language schools over private freelance tutors.
  • Language schools are perceived to be more trustworthy than private tutors without reviews from their students. You pay for the lesson to get a quality education. Why should you trust them then? I would not pay for lessons if my teacher is not qualified.


  • Watch Movies with Subtitles 


  • watching movies with subtitles is a great way how to learn Italian online.
  • find you favorite movie and the trip can start!
  • Moreover, movies are source of authentic language. Accent may be difficult for you at times but you should get used to after some time.


  • translate whole sentences not only words


  • Why? You may think, this is a foolish attitude but in fact, it is tremendously helpful! Individual words do not offer the context, unlike complete sentences.
  • I always use it when learning new languages.


  • Learn to think in Italian


  • Search for manuals, love advice, recipes in Italian.
  • Expose yourself to the language, immerse fully into Italian language
  • The moment I started to think in English was when I took up English lessons with natives online ( I was at b2-c1 level at that time)
  • when you learn Italian online or any language in general you need to implement proper strategies. Learning is complex in its nature but with proper methods you may learn faster! Nobody knows when you will learn the language but we know how to study and that is the most important thing!