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4 Tips To find a right Japanese teacher

Find a Good Japanese Teacher For You



The most common question I get asked every day is ´´How can I find a good Japanese teacher?´´


You could have lessons via skype with your tutors or have private lessons in person or in the language school. Nowadays,  due to the current pandemic situation online tutoring has gained its prevalence in the learning sphere among students.


Everything is becoming digitalised and tailored to new generation. 


Listening to their teacher in the classroom may be troublesome as They tend to use their smartphones or phones a lot. These distractions may disrupt the whole teaching process.


The input of information has changed and therefore learning via their smartphones is a more favourable way of studying.


Online education has opened up the door to an amazing world of studying virtually. No travelling anymore!


You don't have to buy expensive books or pay for commuting to your tutors.


Turn on the screen, put the headphones on and fun can start!


  1. Find a professional teacher Online- when you search for a good teacher online, choose him or her online. Online environment as I had already mentioned is advantageous!


  1. Do the background check- check if your tutor is good and has good reviews. The best way to do it is to choose a reputable language school. Language schools already have some reputation, so It is a favourable way of studying by most students. Unlike private tutors who may cause suspicion. 


  1. Do not get deceived by the wording. Some people may exaggerate their skills, so as to make a good impression. They often lie to make you believe they are the best. 


  1. Private tutors may not often have a good qualification. Do your analysis. Be a detective and find out all that you can about the platform they teach via. Some platforms require tests or even teaching qualifications, native-like fluency from non-native teachers. This way they try to ensure the quality of provided education!


A good Japanese teacher title shall not deceive you, nothing is as it may seem initially. Do the background analysis to ensure you get the best!


Learning is a journey, make it simple with my advice!