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Reasons Why You Should Study TEFL Online

List of Reasons Why to Take Tefl Online


Tefl courses are not hard to pass. If you´ve just decided to sign up for the course online, you are on the right way towards your dream job.


Some of these courses may be more challenging than others, It is up to you to choose your desired course. 

In-class courses are generally more demanding and stressful.


Therefore, I believe, you will enjoy taking your course online.Tefl online will give two advantages. Cost-efficiency and productivity.


In-class courses may give you more experience, whereas online courses are less teacher-oriented.


In-class course may be more expensive, therefore choose online course to save money. If you are non-native speaker, you can increase your chance of getting hired by taking IELTs or CAE exam.


The score above 6.5 is good but I think you need at least 7+ to be liable for the job.


The competition is high, native speakers may have significant advantage when it comes to getting the job. The sad truth is that non-native speakers might be more advanced writers than natives.


The language schools choose native teachers over non-natives but your chances of getting hired are not so low if you studied abroad or have a degree from top Universities.


Whether you opt for Tefl online or on-site is your choice! 


I wish you a good luck!