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Learning tips for learners. Learning can be time-consuming sometimes but the key is to work towards your goals without cease. The idea of studying Spanish came up to my mind the last year. I had lots of free time, so I decided to make use of it.

At first, I started to drill new words as I had to expand my vocabulary. After one month or so, I decided to find a tutor to improve my Spanish faster. As I needed Spanish for talk, not for work I didn´t care much about speaking grammatically correct speech.

Spanish teacher was kind and helpful to me all the time. I like talking to my teacher, because He was passionate about teaching and was highly interested in history like me. 

Reason why I would study again with tutors is that I love talking to people. For me, books are artificial and boring. If you find reading boring, then tutors are the best alternative for you. Not only boredom but the effectivity of teaching process is a completely different universe. Teachers are well-trained to teach you the basics of the language but books contain lots of arbitrary, complex words. 

Spanish speaking schools are a good alternative for those who like group classes but learning online has definitively lots of advantages. In school, you will be speaking with other people about particular topic. For me, on-site learning didn´t work as I am so busy every day. 

Books should be written for beginners or intermediary students but do no try to read famous writers, these books are so difficult to read. If you enjoy reading then try to find books for beginners as I have already mentioned above. Learn to speak Spanish without reading literature, where the language diverts from ordinary language used in common conversations. 

You can find free courses as well but you need full immersion in the Spanish to succeed. Do you want to talk in Spanish?  Full immersion is a prerequisite to successful learning. Therefore, find intensive courses with Spanish teachers. 

Multilingualism is another factor influencing the language acquisition among learners. Polyglots learn faster than second language learners. This does not mean that learning will be difficult for you as it´s only hypothesis. 

Reason why I struggled with learning Spanish was that I used wrong methods of learning foreign languages. Extensive reading is fine but you have to enjoy this activity. 

Spanish teachers know about authentic materials e.g. everyday conversational vocabulary. Find a language speaker who will help you reach the fluency in Spanish faster. If you want to learn to speak Spanish, then Native Spanish speakers are the best choice for you. 

Key points of learning effectively are:

  • watch movies
  • read easy books
  • find online tutors
  • think in Spanish
  • translate from Spanish into your mother tongue daily