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Tips on How to improve your English?

Useful Things To Keep in Mind In Order to Improve Your English Faster


Learning On Your Own is an Uphill Battle


Learning on your own without anyone's help may sound like a good idea. From a financial perspective.


It is a good idea but without experienced teachers, you will not learn English faster. Improve your English with trained professionals who will guide you thoroughly.


Let me explain why further in this article.


Am I native English speaker? The short answer: No. 

How did I learn English? Without a tutor but It took me a very long time to speak the way I do.


I would not say I struggled because I was able to learn faster. But it may or may not be your case. Learning is individual, subjective process.


How long may It take with tutors? Well, it depends on a variety of factors.


We cannot say ´´you will be speaking English fluently at that and that time.


There is no particular time as the learning process is individual for each person.


Certain steps you take will determine whether or not you become a fluent speaker in one year or in two years span.


If you only need it for basic talk, it may take you few months to reach your goal but if you crave for Business English talk with your partners, 7 months is only a rough estimate, far away from reality.


But no tutorial or guide can truly tell you when. 


When depends on you. How often do you study? It depends on you as well.


The more time you dedicate to your studies, the higher the likelihood of your success.


It is a good idea to create a study plan, determine how often you want to study per day, per week or month.


Stick to your study plan!


1. Study Every day

By studying every day, 30  minutes at least you will improve your English skills tremendously.

2. Find a Native English Speaker

3. Find English Friend For Free

Native English teachers can help you achieve fluency faster as you practice your speaking skills not only your reading skills.


Reading is fine but you have to do lot more than just this.

Learn more here How to find Native English teacher for reasonable price?