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Where Can You Learn Mandarin Online?

Top Online Schools To Learn Mandarin Online


Mandarin language has gained its popularity among language learners. Apart from English, Spanish and German. Mandarin is getting more and more popular.


Why do we study foreign languages? Career prospects, curious minds, intellectual enrichment and the list is quite long.


Whatever the reason for studying this beautiful language is, you can study it online and with natives. Take your Laptop, sit in the chair and start your learning journey with your favourite tutor.


You can choose from lots of language schools and study remotely whenever you like or wish to.


For me, travelling is boring and exhausting. I always study with my French tutors online. I studied a few times because I am busy most of the time. But my experience with tutors was rather pleasure than pain. 


I found new friends as well. It is definitely worth trying.




Italki is a language school providing Mandarin courses Online for students. You could also learn some other languages with this school.


Lessons start from 6 euros per 60 minutes over skype.




Rype offers language courses as well. You could study German, Italian or Spanish and you can also learn Mandarin online.




Lingoda doesn´t offer Mandarin courses. Not yet but you can study German, Spanish or even French with this Online school.


Learning online is a great way of improving your skills with tutors. The main pro of studying is flexibility and you can sit at home and converse with your teachers from your room in Prague for example or wherever in the world you are located.


At first, you may find, it is so difficult to learn. Be more resilient. It wasn't easy for me either. I wanted to give up many times. During my studies at University as well as when I studied English, which is not my native tongue.

If you want to learn Mandarin online, choose your course from the list mentioned above.